Cloning is the taking of cuttings from a mother plant. When a cultivator wants to continue a specific strain of cannabis, one or more clones will be kept under 18-hour lighting as they grow. The extended light period keeps the plants from going into bloom. These plants become the mothers of the next crop.

In this season of propagation and birth, each cannabis plant mother is doing her part in the continuation of her genetics. She has been specifically prepared for this and has been well cared for. Nutrients created to help mother plants stay strong and vibrant have well fortified her. The tips on her branches are strong with healthy green leaves.

When the cultivator is ready to begin a new crop, they will take cuttings off of the mother plant. The majority of the leaves are removed from the stem except for two or three at the end. The remaining leaf tips are trimmed off to encourage the plant to root. Each cutting is prepared and dipped in a rooting compound to help the new baby plant grow roots quickly. The cuttings are placed in starter cubes.

The cubes are placed in special trays with covers. A heating mat is placed underneath the tray to keep the baby plants warm. The bottom tray contains water to help keep the new plants from drying out. Babies are often placed in with the mothers under the same light cycle. A mild nutrient solution keeps the cubes from drying out and helps the plants to grow good, strong roots.

Once the baby plants produce roots, they are transplanted into small containers filled with soil or coco coir. They are kept in the small containers for a couple of weeks to give the plants time to root well. They are then put into a larger container that will become their permanent home.

Cloning allows a specific strain that is good for medical marijuana to continue to be grown. Each clone is a copy of the mother plant and can be expected to provide the same healing properties as the mother plant. With proper care and beneficial nutrients, the baby clones will thrive and grow into plants that will provide medical marijuana to those who need it.